1) What is the advantage of internet through fiber technology v/s copper technology?

conventional copper infrastructure has been around for decades, proven ideally to be suited for voice services. It can carry a 64 Kb/s, 4 KHz voice signal only over a limited distance.
In every way fiber is superior to copper. Fibre technology uses glass tubes that take advantage of the properties of light. The speed of light is faster than any other physical wave known to man. The fiber medium uses a beam of light waves that work better than electrical signals that travel through copper wire.

2) After applying for raajnett connection, within how many days my connection would be installed?

Depending on the feasibility, after applying for New connection within 7 working days connection would be installed.
If you are staying within 100 meters radius from raajnett POP Junction (sub-junction) you could get your connection within 4-5 days also. This is applicable for most of the new customer of raajnett as raajnett POP Junctions are densely present in all the feasible areas.

3) How do I register a complaint if my connection is not working? Within how much time would the problems be rectified?

In case of any queries or complain you can call on 1800 123 3113 or write to helpdesk@raajnett.co.in After the complaint is registered within 24 business hours any network related problem would be rectified.

4) Why is my connection having an FUP limit?

While the raajnett packages have been designed to give unlimited Fibernet experience to the subscribers, few customers may use excessive amount of the data transfer, causing traffic congestion on the network. In order not to impair the experience of other users, a Fair Usage Policy is applied. This helps to give the desired Internet usage experience to all users, especially since Fibernet is a shared bandwidth experience and the over-usage of a group of customers must not affect the rest of the users

5) What would happen if I cross the FUP limit?

Each package has been defined with a significantly large and extremely generous data transfer levels, so that most typical users will never cross these levels of data consumption. In a situation, where a user has utilized and consumed the Fair Usage Data Limit in a particular month, the speed of this user will be reduced to the Speed-Breaker speed for the remainder of the month. The Speed Breaker Speed for different packages has been designed to ensure a good usage and download experience at reasonable speeds for the remainder of the month.

Note - At the beginning of every month, the speed will be automatically reset and increased to the speed as per Subscribed Package.

6) How I do apply for New Connection?

To apply for raajnett you can call on 1800 123 3113 or write to sales@raajnett.co.in
You could also go to the ‘Subscribe’ section in raajnett.com to apply for the connection.

7) Is the Wi-Fi router mandatory for raajnett connection?

No. Wi-Fi router is not mandatory for raajnett connection. In case if you want to use internet on more than one device (smart phone, I Pad, Multiple computers etc.) you would require a Wi-Fi router connection.

8) Do I have to install modem and a land-line phone to use raajnett connection?

No. Since, Raajnett uses wired technology it doesn’t require any modem or a land-line phone. It’s a plug and play connection which could be utilised just by connecting it with a computer.

9) What is Account No?

Account Number is the unique identification number assigned to every customer in raajnett and this should be handy, when you interact with raajnett service executive

10) What is the Tariff Plan?

Tariff plan is plan which the subscriber has opted for and which determines the Speed, FUP and the subscription charges to be paid by the customer for a given pre-determined period.

11) How do I make my payments to raajnett?

We have a range of payment options to suit our customer needs.
Payment pick-up at door step: You could make the call to our Helpdesk on "Cheque Pick up",
We shall send a collection executive to collect the payment.

12) After payment, would my account get activated instantly?

If the account is not active at the time of payment, it would require a minimum of 2 workings hours to account to become active, depending upon the mode of payment.